4 Tips on digital marketing for small businesses

When starting a business, it’s important to choose the marketing channel that delivers the best results with minimal resources. Today, small businesses are more likely to prefer digital marketing to other marketing channels when it comes to increasing the reach of their brand, increasing sales and developing their professional network. Digital marketing for small businesses is a must in 2018 and beyond.

To help you understand how social media can help promote your business while saving you valuable time and resources, we’ve compiled here for you six digital marketing tips for small businesses. Here are our 6 tips on digital marketing for small businesses.


Tip # 1: Use digital marketing to sell your products and services

Before social media networks became embedded in e-commerce, the small business sales relationship was like listening, helping solve problems, and closing the sale. With the advent of digital sales, opportunities to connect with potential customers during their research phase have been facilitated through social media monitoring tactics and social media interaction. These tactics have changed the game of digital marketing for small businesses.


Tip # 2: Large networks like Twitter can help you improve your customer relationships

With 72% of people saying they are likely to buy from a small business after interacting with them on Twitter, there is no reason for companies not to be on Twitter. The key to success on social media is to be present on the social network that your customers use. With over 200 million active users, it is very likely that many of your customers are on Twitter. Twitter can help your business build relationships with customers and connect you with the companies and communities you care about. Using features like Twitter’s advanced search and Twitter listings even a small team can manage the creation and improvement of online customer relationships.


Tip # 3: Digital Marketing Can Increase Your Scope Significantly

Advertising on Facebook and Twitter has enabled companies to increase their reach through targeted ads and sponsored messages. Digital marketing offers businesses the opportunity to reach customers around the world (as opposed to the traditional advertising medium).


Tip # 4: A LinkedIn Company Page Can Help Develop Your Professional Network

LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks for businesses of all sizes. They must be there. LinkedIn allows companies to highlight the authenticity and credibility of their brand on a business page containing essential information. The network also allows small businesses to be present where the professionals, potential investors and customers are. A LinkedIn Company Page is also a free marketing tool. If used correctly, it can be eminently effective.